Use Empty Legs to Your Advantage

As a member of FlightLink, you receive curated notifications of empty legs that are relevant to where you live and travel.

About Those Empty Legs

An empty leg, also known as a “deadhead,” is the repositioning portion of a booked one-way private charter flight. The aircraft needs to fly without passengers to position itself for its next customer, usually at its home base.

Typically, the initial paying customer has paid fully for both the occupied AND empty leg flights. Therefore, operators will attempt to resell the empty leg at significant discounts (25-75%) as any sale represents pure profit.

Myths & Realities of Empty Legs

It is true that approximately 40% of all private flights are empty legs and that operators heavily discount these flights. 

The reality is that focus and diligence is required to take advantage of these cost saving opportunities.  Many private aviation websites will display an unfiltered list of all empty legs worldwide, making it difficult, if not impossible, to find relevant flights and confirm their validity. 

As a member of FlightLink, you’ll only see flights you might be interested in. Our direct relationships with aircraft owners & operators in your area means that you’ll gain access to “off market” empty legs not available to the public. 


ALL Empty Legs - Unfiltered

Map shows non-member, unfiltered view of empty legs for a seven day period. An overwhelming amount of research is required to identify & secure useful flights.


DALLAS Empty Legs - Filtered

Map shows a Dallas FlightLink member view of empty legs for seven day period. Flights validated for legitimacy & include off-market, members-only flights directly from local owners & operators.

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