Private Flight Sharing Without Compromise

Private aviation allows travelers to save time, enjoy the freedom and the company onboard.  We’ve crafted an approach to flight sharing that protects these core benefits, while dramatically reducing costs.

Created by Private Flyers

Flight sharing is the hottest trend in private aviation, but many previous attempts have fizzled or failed. Most of these were born out of boardrooms and pitch decks, with profit as the driver. 

FlightLink was created by a group of friends motivated by a desire to enjoy camaraderie, reduce wasteful expense and avoidable carbon emissions. Our focus hasn’t changed.

How it works

A simplified approach to flight sharing that protects what you love most about private aviation.

Flight Sharing Reimagined

Flight sharing concepts have been introduced in the past, with mixed success.  Generally, they fell short because their approach missed the mark with would-be users.

When we crafted FlightLink with our Founding Members, our focus was on protecting the core essence of private air travel, while ensuring an active marketplace of relevant flights.

3 Key Elements Members Love


To ensure enjoyment and safety, it was deemed critical that FlightLink be offered by invitation only and referrals be the primary driver of growth.

Other flight sharing programs are open to the general public, which can naturally jeopardize the experience.


To ensure sufficient flight volume, we allow anyone to share flights, regardless of their particular private aviation solution.  

Other flight sharing concepts have restricted flight sharing to members of their specific program, which significantly limits flight volume. 


Finally, to ensure flight relevance, we took a localized approach and focused on key routes to and from the cities where FlightLink is available.

Previous flight sharing attempts have attempted to “boil the ocean” through a  national or global approach. As a result, the posted flights lack relevance to the majority of users. 

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