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Our Founder

Tom Filippini

Tom Filippini is renowned entrepreneur, pioneer of the technology-enabled sharing economy and is also a private pilot. Tom has built several notable travel & aviation businesses focused on optimizing underutilized assets to drive value for affluent consumers. Prior to FlightLink, Tom was the Founder of industry-leading luxury travel club, Exclusive Resorts, since acquired by AOL Founder Steve Case. As a pilot, Tom has first-hand appreciation for the power of private aviation, but also purview into the operational shortcomings FlightLink addresses.

Tom Filippini

The FlightLink Story

From a rudimentary online 'flight sharing message board' for aircraft owners, FlightLink has created an industry defining aviation platform.  We offer a powerful suite of proprietary benefits for aircraft owners, jet card & fractional members, charter customers and even commercial flyers interested in more affordable private aviation.

A Note from Tom

How it All Began

I felt there had to be a way to bridge the gap between private and commercial to allow travelers to enjoy the myriad benefits of private aviation, at a much lower cost.

The ‘ah ha’ moment for FlightLink came when casually chatting with friends, and one asked, “how great would it be if we could post our flight schedule online to share the costs of our private flights?” 

Tom Filippini

That simple idea - to share private flights amongst friends - led me to create a rudimentary online ‘air pool’ board. ‘The Flight Board,’ as it became known, quickly gained wide adoption and ultimately led to the formation of FlightLink.

We have since developed some of aviation’s most disruptive technology, offering a robust suite benefits for luxury air travelers spanning private and commercial.

Our obsession is getting you where you need to go using the safest, most comfortable & cost-effective flight solution possible, whether shared private, charter or commercial.

I hope to welcome you as a member and meet you on board a ‘flight amongst friends’ soon.

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Tom Filippini
Founder & CEO

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