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Core Member Benefits

Exclusive, Invite-Only Flight Sharing

Save 50-90% on private flights in the company of great people.

Access Unpublished, Discounted Empty Legs

Receive a real-time "feed" of empty legs on routes you're interested in.

Connect with Like Minded Private Flyers in Your Area

It's like a country club of the skies, with fellow leaders in your community.

Private Aviation Concierge Service

Our team of aviation experts orchestrate the details of your private flights.

How Membership Works

After your free trial, pay a nominal subscription fee for access to unpublished shared flights, empty legs and an ever-expanding array of aviation-specific benefits & discounts.



$195 /mo Regular price: $390/mo
– OR –


$1,495 /yr Regular price: $2,990/yr Best Value
40% Savings

Recoup a multiple of your fee through savings on a single flight. 

Why Apply to Join FlightLink?

  • Join private hosted flights, pay only for what you need
  • Host other vetted members on your flights to offset costs
  • Connect with an exclusive network of leaders in your area
  • 24/7 aviation concierge orchestrates the details
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Who Are Our Members?

Our members are a mix of frequent private flyers and those that primarily fly commercial. They are aircraft owners, jet card & fractional program members and charter clients. What ties them together is that they are leaders in their communities and share a universal desire to make aviation more cost-effective and fun.  

Membership currently available for Phoenix/Scottsdale residents for flights on common routes to/from SDL.


We will be expanding to 6 additonal markets between late-2022 and mid-2023. 


We target 1,000 members per city to create ample shared flights, while maintaining exclusivity.

As we focus on expanding our communities, we invite those residing in the Scottsdale area to apply today.
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FlightLink is a private, invitation-only community of members accessing powerful aviation technology, services and benefits to improve both private and commercial air travel, at lower cost. Central to FlightLink is the world’s first ‘vetted air pooling’ platform, which allows members to self-coordinate shared private flights in compliance with aviation regulations.

FlightLink was originally created by our founder and a group of aircraft owners as an informal 'message board' where private flyers could self-coordinate shared private flights. 

This group recognized the grave underutilization of valuable seats on their private flights and sought to save money, enjoy camaraderie, and reduce environmental impact. 

Recognizing the potential for FlightLink to revolutionize aviation they infused capital to develop the cutting-edge technology and expanded services FlightLink members enjoy today.

Our members are protective of their privacy and the core essence of private aviation. To ensure the highest level of enjoyment & safety, all prospective members undergo a thorough vetting process. Most new members are referred by a current member, so we rely heavily on their input when evaluating new candidates. We reserve the right to deny any applicant for any reason other than reasons based on race, gender, or religion.

Yes. As a commercial flyer, you now have access to a private aviation solution for a fraction of the cost. Having the ability to jump on a private flight for a reasonable price saves considerable time and hassle.

Membership benefits expand beyond air pooling to allow you to fly better and cheaper, whether private or commercial. 

Yes. FlightLink allows you to offset costs on your flights regardless of how you fly private. Own an aircraft or fly with programs like NetJets, Sentient, FlexJet, or WheelsUp? Share your flights and save.

Want to preserve your valuable hours or cycles on your plane? Join flights hosted by other members. Tired of paying for all the deadheading? Sell your empty legs to our exclusive group qualified members.

Membership benefits expand beyond air pooling to allow you to fly better and cheaper, whether private or commercial. 

What Our Members Are Saying

I knew Tom and the FlightLink team from their previous venture, Exclusive Resorts. When I heard about their unique vision for bridging private & commercial aviation, I knew it would be revolutionary and immediately wanted to be part of it.

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