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Finally someone has cracked the code to make flying private more affordable and fun. Air pooling with fellow members is a blast and saves me thousands. FlightLink is the future of aviation.

I knew Tom and the FlightLink team from their previous venture, Exclusive Resorts. When I heard about their unique vision for bridging private & commercial aviation, I knew it would be revolutionary and immediately wanted to be part of it.

I love that FlightLink is solely focused on aviation and has the expertise & technology to vet all of my air travel options in one place. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the planning process, I just look forward to the destination!

I sometimes fly private to save time & hassle, but otherwise prefer the price point of commercial. FlightLink allows me to consider flying private for more trips because I can offset costs and enjoy flights with vetted members.

I’ve tried a number of different approaches to private aviation but could never fully justify the expense. FlightLink has completely changed my mindset and is the smartest approach I’ve found to solving the challenges inherent in flying private.

What’s unique about FlightLink is its focus on key routes of interest to the members. It’s also open to all private aviation programs, so I’ve found there to be ample numbers of shared private flights to places we like to go.

FlightLink affords the opportunity to utilize private aviation more intelligently. I’m able to have like-minded fellow members travel with me to split costs, which means we can all fly more for less and connect with interesting people.

As an aircraft owner and long-time pilot, I use private aviation to maximize control of my time & freedom. What drew me to FlightLink was their transformative approach to connecting like-minded travelers and dramatically improving the economics of private flying.