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Save Money, Improve the Way You Fly

Recognizing that our members have a variety of aviation needs depending on each trip, we offer an expansive suite of benefits in addition to our signature 'air pooling' platform. If you want to fly in style, we have you covered.

1Wholesale Charter

Gain direct access to leading operators, up to 40% below charter brokers & jet cards, with no up-front investment. Even 'air pool' your charter to split costs with fellow members. 

2Commercial Discounts

Most luxury travelers fly first or business class internationally. Allow us to book for you and save 20-70% below publicly available fares. Lower cost, no hassle.

3Empty Leg Deals

Fly at a significant discount on private planes that are repositioning for their next flight. We filter these flights so you only see those that are relevant to where you want to fly.

Wholesale Rate Private Charter

We have disrupted the legacy fractional, jet card and broker models to save you time and money. You gain direct access to wholesale rates from charter operators void of commissions and mark-ups. Additionally, enjoy "friends & family" pricing from FlightLink members who make their aircraft available for charter to fellow members. You can even post your charters as 'air pools' to split costs. 

Direct Wholesale Access

Our direct operator relationships are now your direct relationships.

No Pre-Payment

All the benefits of a premium jet card w/ no pre-payment, up to 40% lower flight costs.

Save Time & Money
Save up to 40% below jet cards, fractional & charter brokers.
Booking Time Savings: 4-6 Hrs Vetting Operators
Flight Time Savings: 2-8 Hrs vs Commercial
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Unpublished Rates, No Hassle Commercial Flights

For long-haul flights, commercial is often the best option. A little-known industry secret is that airlines offer private, unpublished rates for most first & business class transoceanic flights. Our access to these rates means you obtain preferred pricing, not available to the public. 

Discounted Tickets

Access fares not available to the public, at major cost savings. 

No Booking Hassle

Allow us to save you time by booking discounted tickets on you behalf.

Save Time & Money
Save up to 10-70% per international first or business class booking
Time Savings:3-5 Hrs Searching
Cost Savings: $1,523 Avg/Ticket
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Curated, Route-Specific Discounted Empty Legs

While over 40% of private flights are "deadheaded" and often available at a discount, the crux lies identifying those that are relevant to you. We curate empty legs and present legitimate discounted flights that may be of interest to YOU.

Your expert aviation concierge is ready to assist you 24/7.

Empty Leg Myth

Empty legs are easy to find on websites and email lists. 


Websites and lists often contain inaccurate information, misleading pricing and flight routes that are rarely relevant to you. We customize your empty leg "feed" based on your preferred routes and ensure accuracy.

Empty Leg Myth

Empty legs are sold at virtually any price I'm willing to pay. 


Operators always seek to maximize revenue from deadheads. Our purchase frequency and buying power is your conduit to getting the best pricing on empty legs.

We see aviation differently.

Air travelers are understandably frustrated and we are here to help.

The pain of commercial aviation is at an all-time high and traditional private air travel lacks the simplicity, transparency & cost-effectiveness you deserve.

We make booking both private and commercial flights hassle-free with our one-stop aviation platform and 24/7 aviation concierge team.

Fly Safely During COVID-19

We’ll help you fly safely and comfortably during and after the pandemic.

Turn to us for all of your aviation needs. Avoid the excessive expense of legacy private aviation solutions and hassle of commercial.

Access benefits that will forever change the way you fly. 

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What Our Members Are Saying

I knew Tom and the FlightLink team from their previous venture, Exclusive Resorts. When I heard about their unique vision for bridging private & commercial aviation, I knew it would be revolutionary and immediately wanted to be part of it.

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