The FlightLink Story

FlightLink began with a group of friends using technology to share their private flights. Our vision to connect private air travelers through technology and service has remained the same. 

Leveraging technology & service to make private aviation make more sense.

FlightLink is the first, invitation-only collaborative consumption platform for private aviation.

Dubbed “peer to peer private air,” FlightLink is the conduit to more cost-effective, social, and environmentally-conscious private air travel. Our innovative technology and hands on service allows our vetted members to seemlessly post, sell or exchange otherwise empty seats on their flights.

Flight hosts cut costs on flights they’d be taking anyway by offering empty seats to guests who pay their pro-rata or less – often comparable to commercial business class rates. 

Our approach to flight sharing saves a significant amount of money & CO2, while allowing members to connect, socialize and network with fellow leaders in their community. With hundreds of members sharing flights in our initial market of Texas, FlightLink is the fastest growing and most active collaborative private aviation network in the US.


Tom filippini

Tom Filippini is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of success in the private club and private aviation verticals, with a particular focus on optimizing underutilized assets to minimize capital outlay and operating costs. 

A pioneer of the “sharing economy,” Filippini previously founded luxury home sharing club, Exclusive Resorts (acquired by AOL founder Steve Case). He subsequently founded venture-backed experiential travel company Next Great Trip, delivering luxury group travel experiences by private aircraft. 

Filippini is currently the CEO of StraightLine Private Air, which is among the fastest-growing private aviation companies in the world having garnered a reputation as the smart, flexible & cost-effective alternative to traditional jet card, fractional and membership based private aviation programs.


The conversation that led to
CONNECTED Private Aviation

At a cocktail party in 2017, I fell into a conversation with three friends who were bemoaning having run into each other the previous day at an FBO at Teterboro Airport (private airport near NYC).

When I asked about the source of their consternation, they shared that they had each flown in from Denver on separate private aircraft. With a combined 22 passenger seats, only FIVE were occupied!

After comparing itineraries, they uncovered nearly identical plans. Had they known, they would’ve left two planes at home.

Their frustration wasn’t as much about the tens of thousands they could’ve saved, but the missed opportunity to enjoy the flight together, while mitigating the environmental impact.

After discussing ways to prevent this in the future, we began painting a picture for a centralized online platform where private flyers could post and share their flight plans. It amazed us that such a thing didn’t yet exist.

Having overseen technology for my travel and aviation companies, I told them I’d whip something up. If nothing else, I figured it’d be a fun project and good for an occasional ride!

A few weeks later, v1 of “FlightLink” was launched. For the first time, private air travelers had a place to connect online. They loved it.

Though I never intended for this to become a business, it quickly became evident that it should be. Private air travelers have lacked even the most rudimentary technology that is pervasive in every other aspect of their lives.

We have since invested in the latest technology & are carefully introducing our unique platform on a city-by-city basis throughout North America.

The bigger we get, the greater the opportunity for connection and shared experiences. I hope you’ll consider joining us for the ride. 

Tom Filippini








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